Tuesday, April 11, 2017

sleeping in school

Today there was a PARC test which everyone on the school had to do it. We had like about 2 hours but I finished fast so I needed to read. Instead of reading I went to sleep and it was a pretty good sleep the only problem was that my friends were bothering me and putting things inside my pockets and etc. I was getting mad so I just slept in a another position and they kept on bothering me. At this point I decided I had enough sleep so I got up and started bothering them. They got annoyed but I didn't care because they were doing the same thing to me.

Thursday, March 23, 2017


The book I read is called witches and its a book about witches, demons, cursed stuff and etc. This book tells a lot of creepy stories and gives a lot of information about witches. It also talks about demons and how they are involved with witches also satan is involved. This witches do a lot of kuku stuff like witchcraft, satanic rituals and more kuku stuff. I like this book because its interesting and is also very creepy. I don't really believe witches exicst like flying around with their sticks of whatever but I do believe in witchcraft and satanic rituals. I give this book from 1-5 a 3 because is not my favorite book nor a boring book I would say is ight.

Friday, March 17, 2017

SOL#17- showers

Many times in mexico i played in the rain and it was funner than playing in hot weather. I played soccer, tag, and other games with my friends. Since my cousins live in front of  our house we would always go outside and play with the dirt of something. We had this big barrel and i would always take showers there. It was fun to take showers in there because it look like el Barril de chavo del ocho. El chavo del ocho is a tv show that its in spanish and is like comedy. I would always be in the barrel for like 2 hours.

Thursday, March 16, 2017


There was this one time I got in a fight with my friend over nothing.  I was walking home as usual but then I saw him and I was going to greet him. He greeted me with a punch that didn't hit me or at least he was trying to hit me. I with my reflex moved back and I punched him right in the face. After that he started pulling my hair. I was mad at him but I let it go. We have never talked about this but we cool. This was in 7th grade and now im in 8th

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

SOL#15-Getting Jumped

 There was this time where i got jumped in gta 5 by pretty high levels and very good players. They jumped me and started shooting at me and i got really mad that i started playing dirty and i started to get more mad when they invited like 3 more other people so it would be 6 vs 1. I was so mad that i was about to throw the controller across the room and never play again but instead i broke it and i never played again until i got a new one. To be honest it was a pretty dumb to throw a controller.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

SOL#14-Horrible dream

One terrible dream i've had for many years was me being followed by a fire big ball. That ball scared me and it was terrifying to me. That big fire ball would chase me anywhere I ran i would always run in circles and it was like in a big open place where there was just grass. Now that I remember it was not grass it was like if I was in hell and it was very hot. The flames in the ground looked like yellow grass and this giant ball would always get me. I would always wake up sweating and crying because it was so terrifying that a giant ball of fire was following me to any place I would go. This was in mexico and this dream would always happened when I Would take a nap in the middle of the day or sometimes but rarely at night. One day I was so terrified I couldn't even move. I sometimes now think of this dream and what it really was.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

SOL#9-La llorona

A scary story my mom use to tell me when I was little like about 5 or 6 was "La llorona". She would tell me this story so I would behave when I was bad or disrespecting her. She would say "Va a venir la llorona por ti en la noche vas a ver!" That means the cry will come for you at night just watch. I would get scared with just that and I would behave. La llorona is like bloody mary but just imagine a mexican women dressed in white with a sombrero and some tacos in its hands. (Not Really) but it does have a white dress and a pretty scary face. La llorona is also a pretty sad story because she kills her children and when it appears she be screaming ÄYYYYY MIS HIJOS!! AYYY MIS HIJOS!"meaning "Where are my children!! Where are my children!". This story would get me everytime but not anymore since its just a legend but its not true that's my opinion.