Friday, March 17, 2017

SOL#17- showers

Many times in mexico i played in the rain and it was funner than playing in hot weather. I played soccer, tag, and other games with my friends. Since my cousins live in front of  our house we would always go outside and play with the dirt of something. We had this big barrel and i would always take showers there. It was fun to take showers in there because it look like el Barril de chavo del ocho. El chavo del ocho is a tv show that its in spanish and is like comedy. I would always be in the barrel for like 2 hours.


  1. Sounds fun to take showers that way!

  2. What part of Mexico are you from? Great blog bro💪🏻

  3. That's kinda a odd way to take a shower but it's still cool!!