Thursday, March 9, 2017

SOL#9-La llorona

A scary story my mom use to tell me when I was little like about 5 or 6 was "La llorona". She would tell me this story so I would behave when I was bad or disrespecting her. She would say "Va a venir la llorona por ti en la noche vas a ver!" That means the cry will come for you at night just watch. I would get scared with just that and I would behave. La llorona is like bloody mary but just imagine a mexican women dressed in white with a sombrero and some tacos in its hands. (Not Really) but it does have a white dress and a pretty scary face. La llorona is also a pretty sad story because she kills her children and when it appears she be screaming ÄYYYYY MIS HIJOS!! AYYY MIS HIJOS!"meaning "Where are my children!! Where are my children!". This story would get me everytime but not anymore since its just a legend but its not true that's my opinion.


  1. Did your mom tell you any other stories.

  2. That is a scary story! Luis, but you wrote it so funny...the part about the tacos! hahhahaha!